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Agile Testing

does uat exist in agile

Does UAT exist in Agile? (Other Acceptance Tests?)

If you are interested in UAT or acceptance testing in general. You may wonder if it is used in Agile ...
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What does a Scrum Master do in an Agile Scrum

Who is the scrum master in agile?

Agile without the Scrum master is like an orchestra without a conductor. In my years of Agile, this person is ...
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What is the Difference Between Waterfall and Agile

If you are interested how Agile compares to a more traditional methodology such as the Waterfall, you are in the ...
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agile testing acceptance criteria

What is an Agile Testing Acceptance Criteria?

In my years of testing one of the most important things I have identified is Acceptance criteria. Unfortunately, I have ...
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extreme programming advantages and disadvantages

What are the extreme programming advantages and disadvantages?

BooksImagesMy RatingExtreme Programming Explained (Click for reviews on Amazon)Extreme Programming (Click for reviews on Amazon)What is Extreme Programming (XP)?Extreme programming ...
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difference between the iron triangle of waterfall and agile

Difference between a Waterfall Iron Triangle & Agile Triangle?

Quick NavigationWhat Is The Traditional Iron Triangle?What Is The Agile Triangle?Why The Need For The Agile Triangle?Is The Agile Version ...
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what is most important according to the agile manifesto

What is Most Important According to the Agile Manifesto?

Quick NavigationIntroductionWhat is the Agile Manifesto? What are the 4 values of the Agile Manifesto? What are the 12 Agile Manifesto Principles?What ...
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