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does uat exist in agile

Does UAT exist in Agile? (Other Acceptance Tests?)

If you are interested in UAT or acceptance testing in general. You may wonder if it is used in Agile ...
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why is multiple rounds of system testing recommended

Why is Multiple Rounds of System Testing Recommended?

If you are new to system testing, you may be wondering what it is and why there is typically multiple ...
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Who Does Integration Testing? (Example/Black/White Box)

Integration testing is a pivotal part of testing and one of those areas that is always covered in the ISTQB ...
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stubs and drivers in component testing

Why are Stubs and Drivers Used in Component Testing?

If you are preparing for your ISTQB, you are probably keen to understand how stubs and drivers are used. For ...
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which white box testing is best

Which White Box Testing Technique is Best? (Examples)

If you are preparing for your ISTQB, or genuinely curious about the best white-box techniques prior to starting an up-coming ...
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what is non-functional testing (give 2 example)

What is Non-Functional Testing? (2 examples)

If you are preparing for your ISTQB or just curious, you may be wondering what non-functional testing (NFT) is and ...
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why functional testing is required

Why Functional Testing is Required (Examples,Types)

If you are preparing for your ISTQB (Click here for my prep guide), you may need to understand the nature ...
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change related testing istqb

What is Change Related Testing (ISTQB Syllabus)?

Once a system is promoted to live it is not the end of its updates or changes. In fact, there ...
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best Istqb course

3 Best ISTQB Courses for Testers

If you are interested in an ISTQB course but have no idea what's best for you, you are in the ...
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Is UAT functional testing?

Is UAT functional testing?

If you are involved in UAT or functional testing, you may have wondered what are the key differences, or if ...
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