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IT Contract vs Permanent Tester Employment

Just like me, most IT employees are fed up with shifting work hours, work related stress, regular meetings with clients and are looking for alternatives. After working as an IT tester in a reputable IT firm for more than 6 years, I was fed up with my lifestyle and wanted some freedom.

I resigned from my job and decided to become a an IT Contractor and now, I am enjoying my life to the fullest. In extreme cases, I work on contract basis and personally, I didn’t experience any difference in IT contract vs. permanent tester employment. Also, the pay will be higher in case of contract employment but you need to adjust with slightly awkward shift timings. According to several surveys, companies also prefer contract employees and the percentage of contract employees in the US workforce is constantly on rise.

Why Contract IT testers?

Employers need to pay IT employees even if they are on bench without actually taking up any work. Whereas in case of contract IT testers, they will come to office whenever there is work and get paid on completion of the work. Employer and worker relationship will be very minimal in case of contract based employment and this in itself has several advantages.

IT companies are moving towards cost cutting methods and are doing away with employees who are not meeting their standards. In fact, most IT companies are retaining the core team only and sending pink slips to all other employees. They are thinking of completing the jobs with contract employers and that’s the reason why the demand for contract based IT workers is on constant rise where are permanent employees are going to offices in fear.

Contract vs. Permanent IT Testers: Who Are More Qualified?

In general, permanent employees enjoy some sort of job security and because of this, some employees won’t take their jobs seriously and I am sad to admit that some of my colleagues also belong to this category.

On the other hand, contract IT testers are cognizant of the fact they need to be well qualified to impress their employers and get a chance to work. That’s the reason why contract employees are more focused, job-oriented and try different certifications to prove their credentials.

Are You Thinking Of Moving From Permanent To Contract-based Job?

If you are fed up with regularly going to office just like me, you might want to consider moving from permanent to contract employee. However, those who see permanent jobs as an option of regular income source and don’t have confidence in their skills shouldn’t even think of quitting their permanent job. Even after the recent recession, the IT sector is growing at a constant pace and if you are skilled and qualified, and can learn how to ace a telephone interview, you don’t need to worry about securing a contract job.

You may find it difficult for the first few months but once you get used to it, your lifestyle will change beyond your thinkable limits. You will start enjoying your life and you can spend more time with your family and friends. All your stress related disorders will automatically disappear when you move from permanent to contract employment.

Who Can Handle Work Pressure Better?

Contract-based IT testers will surely have experience with different kinds of software tools and their exposure will be high compared to permanent employees. I, myself learnt several new testing tools after quitting my permanent job and my overall skillset improved a lot. IT companies work on tight deadlines and it is very important to complete the assigned task within the stipulated time.

Obviously, permanent IT testers are not used to working on tight deadlines as most of the things will be pre-planned and all they have to do is work accordingly. If the employer forces them to work on tight deadlines, they will be under immense pressure and there will be more chances of committing mistakes. So, contract employees score more marks here as well.

Earnings – Who Scores Better?

In case of permanent employees, employers are constrained by several factors like health insurance, maximum work hours limit, extra pay, leaves, etc. However, as for the contract-based employees, most of these worries can be eliminated and the employer need to supervise only on the task assigned to the contract-based IT testers. Obviously, contract based workers cost a bit more than permanent employees but they are 100% worth giving a try, considering the services offered by them.

Per day income of contract based IT testers will be much higher compared to permanent employees. Also, in some cases, they don’t need to regularly go to the office and will enjoy more holidays per year compared to employers who are permanently stuck in offices in the name of job security.

In Need Of CTFL Certified IT Testers?

Certified Tester-Foundation Level (CTFL) is a certification given to qualified testers and if an employer wants a CTFL certified IT tester, he needs to pay heavy salaries on monthly basis. Certified IT testers are easy to find and as the competition among the contract based IT testers is very high, they offer competitive services at lower prices. As contract IT employees are generally hired based on the work load, they know their job perfectly well. Their focus will always be on that job. On the other hand, permanent employees need to manage a lot of tasks in the office and their focus will be low on the job even though they are certified and qualified.

Most of the above-mentioned points are my personal opinions and you can agree or disagree with me. However, generally, the one thing that differs in contract vs. permanent IT tester employees is the job security. But even on this one I was not in total agreement as permanent jobs are also not absolutely permanent and the employer can easily give you the axe if the IT tester performance is below par.

I won’t say I am super-skilled but I consider myself as reasonably good and I am earning a lot more than all my friends who are stuck in permanent jobs. I shared my views so that you can also get inspired to do what your heart desires. If you enjoyed reading this article, please share this with all your friends who are struck in offices but still want freedom and peace in life. Don’t forget to share your opinions in the comment section below.

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